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The annual fleece sale at the CNY Fiber Arts Festival features high quality fleeces from llamas, alpacas, rabbits, goats, and a host of sheep  breeds.  Volunteers in the Fleece Sale Tent are happy to help visitors select the perfect fleece for any project.  In 2022, more than 100 fleeces were submitted to the sale. 

Sponsors (at any level) of CNY Fiber Artists & Producers are welcome to submit fleeces in the fleece sale. Although you must be a sponsor to submit fleeces, sponsorships are available starting at only $25!  To join CNY Fiber Artists & Producers as a sponsor, please go to the Vendor/Sponsor registration page

The fee for each fleece entry is 5% of the fleece bag price, and the fees will be collected online using PayPal. All entries should be made using the online form.    

The online entry form is below.   

Please keep in mind the following rules:
1.  An online entry form must be completed in advance for every fleece to be in the sale. 

2.  Entry forms MUST be completed by June 6, 2023.  The entry form will be closed on midnight on June 6, 2023. 

3.  Fleeces must be well skirted and free of excessive vegetable matter.

4.  Fleeces must be in clear plastic bags, not tied.

5.  Fleeces must be delivered to the festival site (6893 U.S. Route 20 in Bouckville) on Friday, June 9th between 2:00 and 6:00.    Fleeces cannot be accepted on Saturday. 

6.   Unsold fleeces should be picked up between 3:00 and 4:00 on Sunday, June 11th.    Fleeces not claimed will become the property of CNY Fiber Artists & Producers. 

7.  There is no limit on the number of fleeces a producer may enter.

Questions?   Please reach out to Jean Tyler at

To use the form below:

Please fill out a form for the first fleece bag, then choose the "submit" button to record the entry.  Please double-check the value of your email address, as that will be used as the key to your member name and address and it will be used to link your entries together. 

After the fleece bag submission, choose "New Form" to enter the next fleece.   When you have completed your entries, choose "Get Totals".  It will display all your entries for the year, the total of the bag prices for the fleeces you entered today and the total of the bag prices for all of the fleeces you have entered this year.  It will also calculate 5% of each total. 

Finally, choose the "Pay Now" button to pay the appropriate 5% fee.  It will take you to a PayPal interface where you can specify that the payment is for a fleece sale entry and enter the amount from the prior screen.  If you need to eliminate any of the entries because of an error or entry duplication, you can indicate that in the comment box in PayPal. 

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