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Returning Vendors 

After years of struggling to create a paper registration form that would incorporate individual special fees and all of the discounts we wanted to offer for early registration, individual tents, membership, and sponsorship without being horribly confusing, we had to admit defeat.   So, we are introducing a new automated form that will just ask you a series of questions about membership, tent preferences, need for electricity, etc., and then calculate the appropriate fee for you.   The form will also collect information from members and sponsors for the Resource Guide, and it will give you the option of linking to PayPal or mailing a check.  The form is in development, and we will notify prior vendors as soon as it is ready. 

As usual we will be offering a discount to those who register early (prior to February 1st).   

The starting point for the calculation is $90 per booth. Here are the additional fees and discounts to consider when completing the form: 

Memberships and Sponsorships

   Regular member:   $5 discount per booth          

   Supporting member:  $10 discount per booth

   Silver sponsor ($100):  $15 discount per booth

   Gold sponsor ($200):   $20 discount per booth

   Platinum sponsor ($300+):   booth fees waived

   Animal booths and booths used entirely for exhibits or demonstrations (no sales) are also free. 

Other Discounts

   Early registration discount:  $10 per booth

   Individual tent discount:  $10 per booth


    Use of electricity :   $5


New Vendors

We are always glad to be able to introduce new artists and producers to the event. We maintain a waiting list of prospective vendors, and we ask that individuals wishing to become vendors either contact us via email with information about the products they offer or download and complete the 2022 Prospective Vendor Form.   We ask that prospective vendors not send any payment until they are notified that they can be accommodated.   To provide variety for our visitors and to promote sales for our vendors, we evaluate the products represented by prospective vendors and reach out to people accordingly.   We give priority to people with unusual and high-quality products, to people who raise their own animals and are willing to showcase their animals, and to people from Central NY.  We are also interested in a small number of vendors with non-fiber products that might be of interest to our visitors, such as hand-woven baskets or quilts. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Pam with any questions about the forms or the process.  She can be reached at


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